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Electronic Cigarette FAQ

What is an electronic cigarette?Back to Top

The electronic cigarette, e-cig or e-cigarette is a revolutionary alternative to traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes offer an authentic cigarette experience without the smoke, tar, ash and odor produced by tobacco cigarettes. The key to the technology is the elimination of combustion. The electronic cigarettes do not produce smoke because they don’t burn like traditional cigarettes. They only produce vapor. E-Cigarettes proprietary nicotine liquid is atomized into a steam-like vapor that feels, looks and satisfies like smoke, but is smoke free, tar free, carbon monoxide free and odor free.

Who can use an E-Cigarette?Back to Top

E-Cigarettes are intended for use by smokers of legal smoking age. E-Cigarettes should not be used by children, pregnant or breast-feeding women, people with heart conditions, high blood pressure, diabetes or people taking medication for asthma or depression. This product is not sold for therapeutic use.

Can I use my e-cigarettes in places where smoking is banned?Back to Top

You can use electronic cigarettes in most places where cigarettes are banned. This differs by state, county and retail property. Electronic cigarettes don't burn and don't give off smoke. But they are at the center of a social and legal debate over whether it's OK to "light up" in places where regular cigarettes are banned. Despite big differences between cigarettes and their electronic cousins, several states, workplaces and localities across the country have explicitly included e-cigs in smoking bans. A lot of people are still unfamiliar with electronic cigarettes and the best way to get the word out is by educating others about it.

Can I fly with my e-cigarette?Back to Top

You can travel on a plane with your electronic cigarette, but just like tobacco cigarettes, you may not use your electronic cigarette aboard any US commercial airliner, whether on the tarmac or during the flight. Charter and International carriers operate under a different set of rules and may allow the use of e-cigarettes.

How do I use my E-Cigarette?Back to Top

It is recommended that you read your User’s Manual fully before use. Your E-Cigarettes rechargeable batteries must be fully charged 2-4 hours before use with the charger included in your kit. If purchasing your battery separately, you will need to purchase a charger with it. Once charged, remove the Stay Fresh caps from the ends of a flavor cartridge and screw onto the battery. Kick start your E-Cigarette by taking a few long deep puffs. This action will warm the liquid and prime the heating element producing a thick consistent vapor with each subsequent puff. As you press your eCig to your lips and inhale, the LED light at the tip will glow just like the tip of a burning cigarette. Relax and enjoy the rich smooth vapor.


Each V2 flavor cartridge is roughly equivalent to one pack of cigarettes. This conveniently allows you to use your V2 on the go. Instead of lugging around a thick cigarette box and lighter, a single V2 battery and cartridge combo can go with you anywhere, and can last as long as a full pack of tobacco cigarettes. E-Cigarettes also offers manual batteries for the ultimate vapor production. The manual battery is activated when you press the tiny button. This allows you regulate the vapor, resulting in a custom vapor hit every time.

Are all electronic cigarettes the same?Back to Top

Not all electronic cigarettes are created equal. Beware of cheap imitations that will leave you with broken parts, poor vapor production and a bad taste in your mouth.


E-Cigarettes companies offer the largest variety of battery styles, colors and sizes so you can find the perfect e-cigarette to fit your needs. Whether you prefer the shorty, standard or long length batteries, automatic or manual styles or color choices from basic white to metallic blue, E-Cigarettes has the right e-cigarette for you.

If that’s not enough, Different E-Cigarette Company backs all their products with a LIFETIME warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.

What is in the Vapor?Back to Top

E-Cigarettes full, medium and light flavor cartridges contain three primary ingredients; nicotine, food grade flavorings and propylene glycol (an FDA approved food additive used in everything from cake mixes to asthma inhalers). Zero strength cartridges contain no nicotine. Propylene Glycol is the preferred e-cig ingredient base used to dilute and vaporize our pharmaceutical-grade nicotine liquid.

What is the difference between the automatic and manual batteries?Back to Top

Deciding between our automatic and manual batteries is an issue of personal preference. Some customers love the automatic, while others prefer the manual.


E-Cigarettes automatic batteries operate the same as a traditional cigarette. All you have to do is puff. When you puff you are activating the atomizer and producing vapor. Automatic batteries create the thickest vapor when primed. To do this, take a few short puffs and then a long slow puff. This will heat up the liquid and create the thickest possible vapor on subsequent puffs.


In contrast, the manual battery has a small button which you must press to activate the atomization process. Like a stick shift car, Manual batteries offer a greater level of control over the heating element inside the cartridge, because you can heat up the liquid before you actually take a puff. They require no priming like the automatic batteries, and can produce thick vapor more quickly than the automatic.

What strength should I buy?Back to Top

E-Cigarettes cartridges are available in 4 strengths. We recommend trying a few different strengths until you find the perfect strength for you. The comparison below gives you a guide for choosing the right strength.


18 Full Strength = Unfiltered
12 Medium Strength = Full Flavored
6 Light Strength = Lights
0 Zero Strength = No Nicotine

The higher the nicotine content, the stronger the vapor taste and feel.

How long does one flavor cartridge last?Back to Top

One E-Cigarettes flavor cartridge is comparable to about 1 pack of tobacco cigarettes. How long a cartridge lasts depends on your smoking style. You will know when a cartridge needs to be replaced when the vapor diminishes and begins to taste a slightly burnt in flavor. Simply screw off the old cartridge and replace it with a fresh one.

How do I use e-liquid?Back to Top

The liquid that contains the flavor, nicotine and propylene glycol (which makes the vapor) is called e-liquid. It is also popularly referred to as e-juice. E-liquid can be used to refill cartridges and is ideal for people who use e-cigs frequently and go through cartridges quickly. It also saves you money by allowing you to refill your cartridges several times.

How long does a battery last?Back to Top

A fully charged battery can last anywhere from 4-5 hours for a very heavy use, to over a full week for a light use. This depends entirely upon how often you use your eCig and your vaping style. The Standard Automatic battery is designed to last at least 250 deep puffs. The extra-long battery can last up to 450 puffs. As a battery's power diminishes, you will notice a reduction in vapor volume. It is always recommended to have a spare on hand, and to charge your batteries nightly.

Do I need to charge the battery the first time?Back to Top

Yes. E-Cigarettes rechargeable batteries are shipped with a 50% charge. Although they may work without charging, the vapor volume will be reduced. For optimal performance you must fully charge your E-Cigarettes rechargeable battery before the first use.

What flavors can I get?Back to Top

Different E-Cig companies offer various vapor flavors to choose from.


Tobacco Flavors

  • Tobacco, Flavors, Menthol, Peppermint


Specialty Flavors

  • Vanilla (smooth, rich and sweet)
  • Coffee (American doughnut house java)
  • Chocolate (creamy milk chocolate)
  • Cherry (farm fresh cherry taste)
  • Cola (refreshing cola taste)
  • Lichi and other various flavors and e-liquids.
How should I store my cartridges?Back to Top

Typically, cartridges should be stored in a cool, dry place. You can even keep them in the refrigerator. To prevent exposure to moisture in the refrigerator, you might want to put the cartridges in zip-lock bags or keep them in their foil seal. It is important to note that you should let the cartridges return to room temperature before you start to use them again.

Can e-cigarettes help me stop smoking?Back to Top

E-Cigarettes have not been approved by the FDA as a smoking cessation product. Many of our customers have reported being able to switch to E-Cigarettes without losing the pleasure they get from smoking.

Are electronic cigarettes safe?Back to Top

E-Cigarettes takes your safety very seriously. That is why we are the only e-cig company to test every batch of e-liquid and share the test results with our customers. We also publish our ingredient list online for you to see.

Over 2 million people have successfully used e-cigarettes all over the world and their main ingredient has been tested since the 1950's.

What are the symptoms of using e-cigarettes?Back to Top

When you make the switch to e-cigarettes you might experience a few symptoms associated with your body ridding itself of thousands of chemicals found in tobacco cigarette smoke. Some of the common symptoms experienced are coughing, congestion, phlegm, sputum and throat clearing.

What is the FDA's Position on Electronic Cigarettes?Back to Top

The FDA currently classifies electronic cigarettes as tobacco products and treats them as such. They are not approved by the FDA as a smoking cessation product.

What are the benefits of electronic cigarettes?Back to Top

Electronic cigarettes are tar free, ash free smoke free and odor free. No longer will you have to worry about "smoker's" breath. Electronic cigarettes are cheaper than regular tobacco cigarettes and will help you save a lot of money! In addition, they do not pollute the environment with ash and butts and have no fire risk. You can pull out your electronic cigarette and use it almost anywhere!

What are the laws about e-cigarettes?Back to Top

Electronic cigarettes are legal in the United States, UK, India and most countries throughout the world. Some counties and/or states have laws banning e-cig usage in public areas, just like cigarettes. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the laws in your area.

What is in electronic cigarettes?Back to Top

Electronic cigarettes are made up of two main components; the battery and the cartridge. The cartridge contains the atomizer and e-liquid. When you inhale, the atomizer heats up the e-liquid to produce vapor. E-liquid contains food flavorings, nicotine (or non-nicotine) and propylene glycol, an FDA approved food additive used in everything from cake mixes to asthma inhalers.