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Vapor Couture excel in every area. This is the first ever Electronic Cigarette introduced exclusively for woman by none other than the Number 1 Manufacturer of Electronic Cigarette, V2Cigs.


It is a unique line of electronic cigarette that combines the technology of V2 Cigs with elegant designs and stylish accessories. Their unique flavor cartridges can be customized to mix and match with any of the jewel-tipped, rechargeable e-cig batteries. All of Vapor Couture batteries are sleek with an ultra-skinny shape and a light-up jewel tip that sparkles with every puff. The choice of Kit and battery are simply stunning. Now you can also create your own style by mixing cartridges and batteries of different design.

I’ve always had a hunch that there might be more female e-smokers than male ones, a fact that V2 Cigs — the world’s largest e-cigarette company — recently confirmed when it stated that the majority of its customers are women. In spite of the large number of female e-smokers, though, no company has really taken steps to design an e-cigarette for women. That’s all changed now, with the release of the V2 Cigs - Vapor Couture line


Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes - Let Vapor Couture Be The Resolution You'll Always Keep!


So, what exactly makes Vapor Couture an e-cigarette for women? The name of the game here is getting a fashionable look in a slim e-cigarette that doesn’t compromise on vapor production and bundling it with accessories that V2 hopes will appeal to female consumers. So, the batteries come in four different colors, a few of which I haven’t seen elsewhere. Each battery has a crystal tip instead of the plain LED on the end of most e-cigarettes. Vapor Couture’s refill cartridges come in the same four colors, so you can mix or match as you like.

I recommend Vapor Couture as my #1 brand for woman. Also, the owner of Vapor Couture has sent me an email yesterday and offered a promotional discount coupon for our esteemed reader. Apply our Exclusive Coupon codes on the checkout page of and save a little extra.

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Vapor Couture Accessories – Women knows that accessorizing puts the finishing touches on clothing ensembles, so what would V2 Cig’s be without accessories? The exclusive line of Vapor Couture accessories were engineered to be as eye-catching as they are useful. V2 has incorporated cutting-edge technology with the latest fashion trends to create these one-of-a-kind items.


Vapor Couture Accessories


VC CLUTCH - The case is just as petite and chic as the cigarette itself, so you can bid your current bulky case farewell. Make your other bags jealous with the Vapor Couture Clutch. This contemporary carrying case was designed with all the stylishness of your favorite designer handbag for your Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes. The outside is encased in etched leatherette fabric and includes a detachable wristlet handle. The inside is a real treat with different compartments to stash all of your vapor need.


VC BRACELET & CHARM - Dress up your Vapor Couture electronic cigarette with the new Vapor Couture bracelet and charm. Slip your Vapor Couture battery in the charm to keep it dangling at your wrist, or carry an extra flavor cartridge. This stylish woven bracelet is available in four colors. Add extra charms to your bracelet for extra bling!


VC CHARGER KIT & CAR ADAPTER - You get the powerful voltage of the three transportable options: one for your car, one for your computer and one to plug into the wall. This set of power devices includes the Vapor Couture Wall Adaptor, Mini Charger and Car Adapter. The Mini Charger plugs into any USB port, your Wall Adapter and Car Adapter. A smart internal chip automatically shuts off when your electronic cigarette is fully charged to prevent damaging your batteries. An indicator light lets you know when your battery is ready for use. Wall adapters are available in USA, UK, and EU models.


Diamond (Tips) Are A Girl’s Best Friend – V2 considered each aspect of shape whenever it came to Vapor Couture, thus don’t anticipate anything less with regards to the lighted tip. Its diamond jeweled LED lighted tip adds a lot more class to the sleek shape. It’s moreover a lot prettier to consider than the orange or green lighted tricks about present e-cigarettes!


Vapor Couture Battery


The luxury lines of ultra-slim batteries are made to mix and match with Vapor Couture Flavor Cartridge colors. Each electronic cigarette battery feels light in your hand, and the jeweled tips sparkle and glow with each satisfying puff. Show your style with a faceted purple crystal that shines with each puff. High Voltage: 3.7 means a longer lasting battery with Charge time: 1 hour and Length without cartridge: 83mm Diameter: 8mm. When the battery requires charging, the crystal tip on the end will begin to blink. Vapor Couture batteries run automatically once you puff. Batteries last from 3-6 hours before they require charging. The battery can be fully charged in 1-2 hours with included Mini Charger.


Flavors - V2 released a completely new line of flavors exclusive to Vapor Couture. Don’t worry if you have trouble making decisions. The start kit offers a variety of flavors so you can decide for yourself which one you love the most. There are three traditional flavors: Bombshell (Rich Tobacco), Rodeo Drive (Mild Tobacco), Artic Mint (Menthol) and two fun and fruity flavors: Strawberry Champagme and Passion Fruit. Althought I never smoked fruit flavored cigarettes when I was a smoker, I am a fan of V2 Cigs fruit flavors. Needless to say, I am especially looking forward to trying the new Vapor Couture flavors.


Vapor Couture Cartridges



A Product of V2 Cigs - Now that we’re up to speed on V2 Cigs innovative new designs, you may be wondering how they actually perform compared to the e-cigs currently on the market. Beauty is only skin deep, you know. So what about the actual technology of Vapor Couture compared to other e-cigs currently on the marker? Rest assured, you have no need to worry about the product quality of Vapor Couture. V2 cigs is widely considered the top brand of electronic cigarettes on the market by customers.The proof is in the reviews! Since V2 is already well established brand you can expect the same quality from their Vapor Couture line.


Verdict - So, does Vapor Couture really work as an e-cigarette for women? As with everything else in fashion, it’s a matter of personal taste. Vapor Couture offers a few very interesting features that the standard V2 line doesn’t. It keeps V2′s signature vapor production and high-quality refill flavors, but adds a slimmer battery, great color options and a more fashionable carrying case. Based on my experience, I’d have to call Vapor Couture a major success.




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