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V2 Cigs excel in every area. Taste, vapor amount, battery life, price, everything. Plus, they just did a complete redesign of their line, and it’s even better than the original. V2 definitely is on top of my list as far as taste goes.

I have used V2 cigs for about 1 year and had no issues with the batteries whatsoever. The biggest issue with most brands is battery life. I am truly impressed with V2 cigs battery and cartridge life. Some brands only last a half a packs worth, but V2 cigs really seems to have got it right!
I recommend V2 Cigs as my #1 brand. Also, the owner of V2 Cigs has sent me an email yesterday and offered a promotional discount coupon for our esteemed reader. Apply our Exclusive Coupon codes on the checkout page of and save a little extra.


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V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - A New Year's Resolution That's Easy To Keep!

Continuing to push their leading V2 Cigs brand to keep on the cutting edge of the industry, recently launched some awesome new updates - both to their e-cigarette product line and also a major overhaul of the official website - making the ordering process, in particular the customization of v2 starter kit orders and ease of use, much more streamlined, efficient and enjoyable.


V2 Cigs is truly at the cutting edge and leading the Electronic Cigarette industry. Their products offer ease of use, superior performance and a great value. V2 Cigs are convenient and effective, offering smokers a satisfying alternative with the amazing vapor satisfaction missing in so many other brands that smokers need to satisfy their cravings and stick with vaping instead. Customer Service of V2 is Outstanding!


When dealing with electronic cigarettes, customer service usually isn't particularly good (or it is downright BAD) and it is too often overlooked as many need some assistance when getting started, both before and after making their purchase. V2 Cigs have trained and knowledgeable representatives. (I know cause i tested them on it, for over an hour!) V2 support reps can be reached by phone, email or online chat with extended hours and are pleased to help with anything you might need - which is really a standout thing about V2 Cigs.



V2 Cigs users can expect to enjoy starter kits with unparalleled quality such as: Sleek packaging coupled with beautifully chic accessories like the wall adapter, USB charger, and carrying case offer a quality other e-Cigarettes fail to offer. V2 Cigs expands upon existing lithium ion technology with their patented batteries. Each one provides a large amount of vapor from just a single draw. V2 Cigs offers a diverse array of flavor cartridges that competing brands simply can’t match. Current flavor offerings include but are not limited to: • V2 Red • V2 Congress • V2 Sahara • V2 Menthol • V2 Peppermint • V2 Mint Tea • V2 Vanilla • V2 Coffee • V2 Chocolate • V2 Cherry Flavor.

V2 Cigs has undergone a tremendous transformation since their introduction in the market which lead them to command a very strong lead against even the best e-Cigarette brands out today. Every component has been analyzed and modified from the ground up to provide a new, more efficient e-Cigarette. From the atomizer to the flavor cartridges to the high capacity lithium ion battery, V2 Cigs has proved time and time again that their commitment to delivering the best e-Cigarette experience available knows no bounds. For those looking to smoke a tobacco cigarette alternative without the dangers of being exposed to carcinogenic chemicals looming over them, give V2 Cigs a try today with their available V2 Cigs promo. Using the V2 Cigs promo, expect to save 15% on all qualifying orders of V2 Cigs starter kits and 10% on accessories all backed by a no-hassle money back guarantee. Give V2 Cigs a try today.

Lastly this brand, which is our #1 recommended E-Cigarette for these reasons among so many others, offers an unbeatable 30-Day Money Back guarantee and an INCREDIBLE Lifetime Warranty on all electronic components (basically everything other than refills) so if your battery dies you can get a FREE replacement and never have to worry! V2 Cigs to us really is the obvious choice in 2012 for purchasing an electronic cigarette that you know will perform amazing from a solid company you know is there for you and has a user based of tens of thousands of satisfied customers.


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