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South Beach Smoke is one of the Top Rated American Electronic Cigarettes. South Beach Smoke uses the remarkable ‘crystal’ piece at the end of the battery instead of the cheaper plastic “tip” in signature orange LED. A nice quality e-cigs brand, South Beach Smoke offers a wide range of e-cigs and related products. South Beach Smoke’s electronic cigarettes are a standard 2-piece product that come with a cartridge and a rechargeable battery.


South Beach Smoke has credibility behind it, having been around since 2010. South Beach Smoke runs a cool product line, with their good packaging, and real quality e cigarettes with accessories. I recommend South Beach Smoke as my #6 brand.




South Beach Smoke Starter Kits
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The NEW look - South Beach Smoke


South Beach Smoke customers accustomed to their choices of first 10 — and now 16 — pre-filled cartridges, the idea of filling their cartridges with e-liquid is exciting. So, where are the blanks? Actually, there are no blank cartridges in the analog style available here. South Beach Smoke skipped to clearomizers. If you are going to buy e-liquid, it will be to fill these little items, sold in packs of three for $14.99 (excellent pricing, by the way). They are called Mini Clear Cartomizers. You might also want to upgrade from the usual e-cig battery to an Air Mini, Standard, or High Capacity Battery with an Air Tank. Is this the same as a Vapor Zone Air eGo style e-cig? There are similarities, but the 350mAh, flat-design Air does not come in 650mAh and 900mAh like this one does.



Starter Kits:


The South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit is a great introduction into the world of electronic cigarettes. For your convenience and enjoyment, they offer five different electronic cigarette starter kit that includes everything you’ll need to begin with. According to your requirment you can choose the right one for you.


Eversmoke  Starter KitSouth Beach Smoke Deluxe Starer Kit: Beginners usually start with a package of parts like the Deluxe Starter Kit. This ensures they do not forget an essential piece and end up paying extra to buy it separately. The Deluxe Kit comes with a standard and an extra-capacity battery, chargers, and ten cartridges, so value is good. They are priced at $59.99


South Beach Smoke Deluxe Plus Starer Kit: for all above items plus a power cigarette, car charger, and a carry case and that makes your Deluxe Plus starter kit. If you are unfamiliar with power cigs, they plug into a USB port directly, thus requiring no battery. They are great for conserving battery power if you work at your computer and vape at the same time. This kit is priced at $89.99


South Beach Smoke Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit: This kit is designed for the electronic cigarette smoker who desires luxury and convenience. The ultimate starter kit includes everything you’ll need to begin using South beach Smoke electronic cigarettes. Add $70 and receive a third battery (extra-capacity), a PCC, lanyard, and 10 more cartridges. Yes:! this is worth the extra $70. The PCC alone costs anything from $25 to $40. They are priced at $159.99


South Beach Smoke Couples Starter Kit: A Couples Kit doubles the Deluxe for only $109.99 with the addition of two car adaptors. Finally, the cheapest package is a Reusable Express Kit. Costing $21.99, it’s among the most reasonable of these kits with two cartridges, one battery, and a USB charger.






Around 16 flavors to choose from. Tobacco or fruit falvors, you name it and you have it from South Beach Smoke. Maybe “change” is the wrong word: addition would be better. South Beach Smoke is now selling e-liquid. They are now selling Vapor Zone liquids. South Beach Smoke FlavorsSouth Beach Smoke and Vapor Zone are owned by the same parent company so they are essentially siblings, and siblings are supposed to share. Flavors include Blueberry Cheesecake, Fruity Hookah (watermelon and grape), Strawberry Chill (with menthol), and Amaretto Truffle.


Classic Tobacco (24mg nicotine) – South Beach Smoke did a great job recreating the taste of a standard cigarette with this flavor. It’s similar to a medium flavored cigarette. Classic Tobacco is smooth with a slightly sweet finish. The throat hit is mild and very smooth.


Tobacco Blue (24mg nicotine) – This is similar to the Classic Tobacco, but with a little drier taste. The finish is not as smooth and subtle as the Classic Tobacco. It’s similar to a Parliament cigarette. The throat hit is mild.


Tobacco Gold (24mg nicotine) – We found the Tobacco Gold to produce a little thicker vapor cloud. It’s also a touch stronger and more robust than the other tobacco flavors. Similar to a Turkish style cigarette. The throat hit is more pronounced but still smooth.


Peach (24mg nicotine) – This was our favorite flavor. It has a strong (but not too strong) peach flavor and it’s absolutely delicious. Honestly, this flavor competes with some of the better e-juice flavors. The throat hit is very smooth. We vaped this one all day. You’ll think of lazy summer afternoons while vaping this one.


Peppermint (24mg nicotine) – A nice, subtle peppermint flavor that leaves your mouth feeling fresh. The throat hit is very subtle and there is also a slight menthol taste.


Pina Colada (24mg nicotine) – Tastes like a delicious poolside pina colada. South Beach Smoke mixed this one perfectly so it’s not too sweet. The throat hit is barely there but still effective.


Cherry (24mg nicotine) – This was another favorite. It tastes like fresh cherries and packs a surprisingly powerful punch. The throat hit is more pronounced than other fruity flavors. The vapor production on this one is fantastic.


Chocolate (24mg nicotine) – It does taste like chocolate, but I wouldn’t be able to vape this all day. It’s good for an after dinner vape. The throat hit is subtle.


Menthol (24mg nicotine) – For menthol fans, this one will really impress. South Beach Smoke doesn’t skimp on the menthol flavor. The throat hit is medium and vapor production is very good.


Vanilla (24mg nicotine) – The vanilla taste starts out enjoyable and strong, but there is an odd after taste. The throat hit is very subtle. Vapor production is above average.






South Beach Smoke added disposables to their line of products. Your disposable cigarette comes ready to use unlike the ordinary electronic cig sold by SBS because it is meant to be thrown away. You will never refill the cartridge or recharge the battery. In spite of its simplicity, a single electronic cigarette is the equivalent of roughly 1 ½ packets of traditional cigs in nicotine.Just like their other cigarettes, South Beach Smoke disposables have a silicone, leak-proof tip with one hole. This means you get the most out of each draw. At the end of the cig is an LED light which glows when you draw. Although there are no burning embers, it looks like there are. When the vapor runs out, you can simply throw away the Disposable, as the name says.


South Beach Smoke Disposables are good for those who are travelling or someone who doesn't like the idea of changing cartridges everytime they get empty or even recharging their batteries. They are priced reasonably at $11.99 for 4 packs. $22.49 for 8 packs and finally $29.99 for 12 packs.






EverSmoke have designed their batteries with a jeweled crystal have an Orange LED that lights up with each puff and will signal when your electronic cigarette needs to be recharged. This looks high quality and separates them from their competitors who have plastic LED tip. Recent improvements to the batteries have increased battery life, vapor production and changed the flavor of some of their cartridges. The new batteries are 4.2 volts, longer-lasting, and have enhanced the flavor of the e-juice. South Beach has always featured excellent battery life, and the new lithium ion batteries last even longer between charging than the previous models. The batteries are wider and longer than many other brands’ batteries because they are larger and longer lasting – the trade-off between mobility and size versus power and battery life. According to South Beach Smoke, the standard battery will give you 300-400 puffs on a single charge, and the high capacity will give you 500-600 puffs.

Final Verdict:

South Beach Smoke is my #6 recommended Electronic Cigarette for these reasons among so many others, offers an unbeatable 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty on all electronic components (basically everything other than refills) so if your battery dies you can get a FREE replacement and never have to worry! They pride themselves on having superior customer service and have a reputation for diligently working with even the most disgruntled customer to insure a good experience with the product.!

South Beach Smoke runs a cool product line, with their good packaging, and real quality e cigarettes with accessories. As for the actual e cigs, the batteries (which looks like the cigarette part) have a good weight to them, which is a bit heavier than some other brands, and it pays off because their batteries have a really good life, lasting longer than other average e cigarettes, and is right up there with or perhaps even better than the Green Smoke brand. Not much in it by comparison there. their website is reall cool too, really nicely designed and pretty easy to use. The starter kits, (they actually carry a couple starter kits), range from a very basic starter kit right up to the quality full kit Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit which has all you need and more.

South Beach Smoke offers a quality product for an excellent price. Smokers thinking about switching from tobacco to electronic cigarettes can purchase a starter kit at an amazing low cost and receive a $100 gas card rebate, which makes even the most expensive starter kit offered by the company virtually free.

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