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Premium Electronic Cigarette excel in every area. They are the only company offering you many choices to customize your battery and cartridge designs as per your need and taste.


They offer a lot of products t their users including 8 different Starter Kits, Almost 20 Flavor Choice, 18 Color Choice in Batteries both Auto and Manual, 13 Cartomizers Skin choice, Disposables and Cigars. Taste, vapor amount, battery life, price, everything. Premium E Cigs definitely is on top third of my list as far as taste goes. The biggest issue with most brands is battery life. I am truly impressed with Premium E Cigs battery and cartridge life. Some brands only last a half a packs worth, but Premium E Cigs really seems to have got it right!

I am impressed after trying Premium E Cigarettes. They say quantity spoils the quality but it ain't the case here as the name say is simply Premium.
I recommend Premium E-Cig as my #3 brand. Also, the owner of Premium Vapes has sent me an email yesterday and offered a promotional discount coupon for our esteemed readers. Apply our Exclusive Premium Vapes Coupon code " invincible " at the checkout page and get Flat 10% on all Premium Vapes Starter Kits.


Premium E Cigs Starter Kits
Actual Price
Coupon Price
Starter Kit PR110
Premium EGO Starter Kit 
Starter Kit PR111 (for heavier smokers)
Starter Kit PR110 (1 battery)
Starter Kit PR111 (1 battery)
On The Go Starter Kit 
Pocket Kit

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Starter Kits:


Most of Premium e-cigs are our preferred two-part models, and they come in all sorts of designs and colors for those looking to make a fashion statement. (For most kits, you can choose two different colors of batteries when you order.) For example, you can order contrasting brown camouflage and green camouflage colored batteries, and you can choose the color of the filter as well. These are sharp looking, and the products are not only offered in solid colors, but patterns and designs taking up most of the battery, and a solid color taking up the filter. For example, the Indigo style has contrasting light and dark design for the battery, and a solid indigo color on the filter. Premium e-cigs also offers custom design batteries with holiday styles; Christmas decorations such as candy canes and snowflakes, pink and purple hearts for Valentine’s Day, and so on.





With a myriad of tempting flavors, 20 in all, settling on a favorite may not be easy. But who says you have to? Traditionalists will enjoy the hearty and robust Tobacco and Carmel flavors, while those possessing a more varied and adventurous palate will want to try such flavors as Green Cherry or Blueberry. From rich and satisfying Tobacco to the subtle and nuanced flavors of Irish Cream, Premium e-cig's flavors are smooth and very satisfying. Serious vaping enthusiasts search vigorously for an Electronic Cigarette capable of producing vast amounts of smooth and pleasing vapor. The Premium Electronic Cigarette PR110 delivers in impressive fashion. Not only does the Premium e-cigs produce copious amounts of vapor, the vapor is rich and indulgent. The relatively small throat hit (the sensation experienced on the back of the throat from smoking a traditional cigarette) reflects the smoothness of the vapor.



Cigars & Pipes:


As I have mentioned, one other thing that sets Premium e-cigs apart is their stock of electronic cigars and pipes, priced around the same level as the e-cigarette kits. E-cigars are, of course, much bigger than electronic cigarettes, as to more closely resemble a traditional cigar, with an appropriate brown style with a single gold stripe. The electronic pipe resembles a traditional tobacco pipe; brown stock and black mouthpiece, but with a gold stripe and a distinctive gold bowl. they each come in premium tobacco flavor.



Final Verdict:

Lastly this brand, which is my #3 recommended E-Cigarette for these reasons among so many others, offers an unbeatable 30-Day Money Back guarantee and an INCREDIBLE One Year Warranty on all electronic components (basically everything other than refills) so if your battery dies you can get a FREE replacement and never have to worry!

With a color palette rivaling that of Crayola crayons, Premium e-cigs great selection of battery colors is impressive. The company also provides a seemingly infinite amount of satisfying flavors. We appreciate that they offer four nicotine levels to help users step down their nicotine intake and eventually quit. While some Electronic Cigarette manufacturers market almost exclusively to the experienced e-cigs aficionado, Premium welcomes newbies to the world of vaping with highly fun and customizable kits like the Premium Electronic Cigarette PR110.

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