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Green Smoke 10% Discount Coupon


Best Green Smoke

Green Smoke excel in every area. Taste, vapor amount, battery life, price, everything. Plus, they just did a complete redesign of their line, and it’s even better than the original. Green Smoke definitely is on top of my list as far as taste goes.

I have reviewed Green Smoke and had no issues with the batteries whatsoever. The biggest issue with most brands is battery life. I am truly impressed with Green Smoke battery and cartridge life. Some brands only last a half a packs worth, but Green Smoke really seems to have got it right! Use our exclusive Green Smoke coupon code and save big at!


Green Smoke Starter Kits
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Love Birds Kit
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Green Smoke Conclusion:


I will rate Green Smoke based on my personal experiences and after trying a couple of Top 10 Rated Electronic Cigarette in the market today. Green Smoke vapor production and especially the rich flavor their cartomizers produce are simply outstanding There is no match for that. The battery life is amazing and so is their customer support. Green Smoke continues to lead the industry and I am looking forward to what they come up with next.

GGreen Smoke Ranking by eSmokers


I recommend Green Smoke as my #1 brand. I highly recommend giving them a try. Some of the Salient features of Green Smoke Electroic Cigarette are stated below:


  • Rich Flavor
  • Smooth Vaping
  • Amazing Vapor Production
  • Excellent & Reasonable Starter Kits
  • Long Lasting Batteries
  • Wonderful Tasting Flavors
  • Free Shipping
  • Wonderful Customer Service
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


Also, the owner of Green Smoke has sent me an email yesterday and offered a promotional discount coupon for our esteemed readers. Apply our Exclusive Coupon code at the checkout page of or and get Flat 10% on all orders above $100 and an exclusive discount of 5% on orders below $100


Green Smoke Starter Kits Review


Green Smoke Promo KitPromo Kit - Show and Share Your Electronic Cigarettes


Everything you need to demonstrate Green Smoke® Products. With plenty of batteries and Flavor Max cartomizers you will always be charged and ready to go. Once people try electronic cigarettes they are very pleased with the similar smoking experience to traditional cigarettes without the ash, odor, or mess.


The Kit contains: 5 batteries, 4 USB chargers, 5 packs of Flavor Max cartomizers, 1 USB hub with 4 ports, 2 home adapters, 1 USB cigarette, 1 car adapter, and 100 rubber tips. $500 Value for $359 and $150 discount in total when you use our Exclusive Coupon Code " invincible "Read More



Green Smoke Pro KitThe Pro Kit - The All-in-One Electronic Smoking Package


It's time to take your smoking experience to the next level. The Green Smoke® Pro Kit has everything you need to start enjoying Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes.


The Kit Contains: Two long lasting, durable batteries, your choice of 10 FlavorMax™ Cartomizers and a USB cigarette. This Kit also features 2 high end adapters that can be used to charge virtually any USB powered device – including the USB cigarette. The Green Smoke® Pro Kit is your complete package to enjoy Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes. Read More



Green Smoke Express KitThe Express Kit - Your Electronic Cigarette Fast Start


The Green Smoke® Express Kit provides an affordable way to start smoking electronic cigarettes.


This Kit features 1 electronic cigarette battery, 5 FlavorMax™ Cartomizers, a USB cigarette and a home charging kit. Start enjoying Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes the fast way with the Green Smoke® Express Kit.Read More

Green Smoke Ultimate KitThe Ultimate Kit - The Ultimate Smoking Experience

Go all in with the Green Smoke® Ultimate Kit, which offers the best value of any Green Smoke® kit. You’ll get everything that’s in the Pro Kit with the addition of a third electronic cigarette battery, a durable carrying case for your cartomizers and batteries, and a second USB charger. Screw your cartomizer into your battery and enjoy a smooth, rich flavor that can only be found with a Green Smoke® electronic cigarette. Read More



Green Smoke Love Birds KitLove Birds Kit - Recharge your Relationship

Take your relationship to the next level with the Green Smoke Love Birds Kit. Your partner and you will get everything you need to start smoking e-cigs together.

The Love Birds Kit comes with 2 long and 2 short batteries, 10 flavored cartomizers, 2 USB chargers and 2 home adapters. The Green Smoke Love Birds Kit was created just for you and your special someone.

Read More

Green Smoke U-Power KitU-Power Kit - Your source for constant power

The USB Cigarette Kit is your gateway into the world of smoking electronic cigarettes. This entry level kit features a high powered USB cigarette that provides you with a consistent source of power. No charging required. Just plug it into your computer, or the included wall or car adapter and start vaping. Take a break with the Green Smoke® USB cigarette and experience the rich, smooth, fresh, flavor that can only be found with Green Smoke®. Read More

Green Smoke Classic KitNEW Classic Kit - The Exclusive Summer Blow Out Sale

The Green Smoke® Classic Kit is introduced this summer and is available for a limited time only. This kit provides the easiest way to enjoy a Green Smoke® electronic cigarette. The Classic Kit comes with 1 Long Battery, 1 Short Battery, 1 USB Charger, 1 Wall Adapter and a pack of FlavorMax Cartomizers.

Its coupled with a lifetime warranty and 30 days peace of mind guarantee. This kit was previously priced for $139 but now you can get it for $66.5 with our exclusive code
" disc5-28393 "
Read More

Green Smoke Battery and FlavorMax Cartomizers Review

Green Smoke BatteryElectric Cigarette Battery - Classic or Extra Power- the Choice is Yours

You have two options when choosing an electronic cigarette battery, the classic option or the extra power option. Our short battery gives you a classic smoking feel with all of the power you need and makes your e-cig the same length and with the same feel as a classic cigarette. The longer battery gives you extra power so you can go longer between charges. The tip of each battery also glows red while you smoke, adding more realism and giving you an authentic smoking experience.

The Green Smoke® Designer Battery Collection offers 8 different designs that you can mix and match with your flavor. Giving you more choices to show your true flavor and design. Read More

Green Smoke FlavorMax CartomizerNew FlavorMax Cartomizers - Longer. Fresher. Richer. Best Taste Ever.


Green Smoke have truly revolutionized e-cig smoking with their new FlavorMax Cartomizers. Each cartomizer will give you great flavor and a thick smoke-like vapor that truly enhances your smoking experience. The true and rich flavor are one of the best feature of Green Smoke.

A single cartomizer is comparable to the smoke volume of up to 1.5 packs of regular cigarettes. Each 5-pack will give you the vapor equivalent of approximately 7.5 packs of regular cigarettes at a fraction of the cost. Compared to a pack of regular cigarettes, you'll pay just over $2 for each cartomizer. That's a big savings! The more cartomizers you buy the more you save.

You also get a wide range of nicotine levels and flavors to choose from. Nicotine levels range from 0%-2.4% and flavors include Red Label Tobacco, Tobacco Gold, Absolute Tobacco, Mocha Mist, Vanilla Dreams, Chocolate, Menthol Ice. Green Smoke also offers a 5 Flavor Variety Pack which is the easiest way to find out which flavor you will like the most before you buy.

The exclusive line of Green Smoke® flavors currently offers 7 options – including 3 unique tobacco flavors. All flavors come in Green Smoke®’s revolutionary FlavorMax™ Cartomizers with the highest vapor in the industry. Choose your flavor below: Absolute Tobacco: The distinct flavor of natural tobacco, with a light, smooth, sweet flavor. Read More

Green Smoke Red Label TobaccoRed Label Tobacco:
The robust, bold taste of Red Label is similar to the flavor of classic cigarette tobacco. The bold Virginia taste offers a unique, enjoyable woody flavor. The taste is very similar to Marlboro Reds. A very rich and bold in your face tobacco taste that goes great with a scotch on the rocks.

Green Smoke Tobacco GoldTobacco Gold:
A rich blend of Virginia, Oriental and Burley tobacco. A rich, sweet taste that used to only be found in the finest cigars – now available in the electronic cigarette.Its a little stronger bit of Tobacco. You'll feel it near to an original cigarette. A little strong though. Indulge yourself.

Green Smoke Absolute TobaccoAbsolute Tobacco:
Absolute Tobacco offers the taste of pure and natural tobacco. Its smooth flavor is in the tradition of the best American tobacco blendsVery smooth tobacco flavor. Light? I would say in between. Very smooth sensation when I take a drag “vape”. Morning coffee with this flavor would go great together.

Green Smoke Menthol IceMenthol Ice:
Menthol Ice refreshes your senses with its smooth, pleasant freshness. Its full flavor offers an exhilarating and highly enjoyable smoking experience. If you like menthol you will love this. Stronger than a Salem and lighter than a Newport. A very refreshing flavor. White wine?

Green Smoke Mocha MistMocha Mist:
The taste of freshly roasted coffee with notes of chocolate. This flavor is perfect enjoyed over a blueberry muffin and a newspaper in the morning – or any other time of the day that you need a boost. A perfect mist of mocha but still tastes rich with tobacco flavor. Morning coffee and cigarette in one.

Green Smoke Vanilla DreamsVanilla Dreams:
Vanilla Dreams is made with a highly complex and enjoyable sweet, creamy vanilla flavor. The result is a gourmet vapor combined with superior flavor. An absolute treat to smoke! I was expecting the vanilla to be overpowering but surprisingly its just the right amount of vanilla up front and blends great with the tobacco aftertaste. That’s a good thing.

Green Smoke Smooth ChocolateSmooth Chocolate:
A taste of rich, dark chocolate as soon as you start vaping. It’s one of a kind “chocolate smoke” is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth – without any of the carbs or sugar! If you like chocolate do not think it to be tasting like some cadbury or dairy milk chocolate. Ya, you'll feel the blend of it!
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