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Bull Smoke are one of the Top Rated American Electronic Cigarettes. Their products are solely engineered in America. They are one of the brands which are using two piece innovative designs, a battery and a cartomizer. This makes them stand with those brands which update their products with latest technologies to make it easier for their customers to use their products.


They are among the few ecig companies offering nicotine level of 24mg for hard smokers. The quality seems to be all there. The vapor amount is really good, and again for heavy smokers this is perfect. An unmatched 365 days guarantee and a wide range of products with latest technology makes Bull Smoke Top Rated. I recommend Bull Smoke as my #3 brand.


Bull Smoke E-Cigs Starter Kits
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Ranch Hand Kit
City Slicker Kit


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Starter Kits:

Bull Smoke Starter Kits

Bull Smoke are offering you many choices to customize your battery and cartridge designs as per your need and taste. They only offer two different Starter Kits unlike other E-Cigarette brands that confuse you with tons of Starter Kits.


Bull Smoke's Ranch Hand Kit is for real smokers who prefer original looking style Electronic Cigarettes. On the other hand, The Slicker Starter Kits comes with colored batteries and cartomizers. You can change it with your taste and style.


Both the Kits are fully loaded with 10 Atomized Cartridges, 1 Stubby Battery, 1 Kentucky Battery, 1 CE Certified Wall Adaptor, 1 Detailed Owners Manual and 1 USB Express Charger. The kits are priced at $74.95 and are the best priced high quality e-cigs in the market.





Bull Smoke FlavorsBull Smoke offers 10 different Flavor Choice with a choice of 5 different Nicotine levels. This is simply great for those who want a hard throat hit or for those who are planning to quit by reducing nicotine levels. Bull Smoke refill cartridges are sold in packs of 5. and comes sealed to preserve its freshness.


Not only does the Bull Smoke Electronic Cigarettes produce copious amounts of vapor, the vapor is rich and indulgent. The relatively small throat hit (the sensation experienced on the back of the throat from smoking a traditional cigarette) reflects the smoothness of the vapor. Its strong hit will attract more users who like a hard taste cigarette but again you can bring down the nicotine level to make it lighter as per your needs. Bull Smoke Cartridges comes in a pack of five and priced at $12.95.





Bull Smoke recently introduced their Disposable Electronic Cigarettes. They call it Buckshot. Buckshot is a disposable electronic cigarette that features a powerful single-use battery that is designed to work for up to 450 puffs. This is the equivalent of 2 packs of traditional cigarettes. When the vapor runs out, you can simply throw away the Buckshot. While there are cheaper disposables on the market, the Buckshot is the only disposable electronic cigarette that contains a battery robust enough to create a realistic smoking experience.


Buckshot is good for those who are travelling or someone who doesn't like the idea of changing cartridges everytime they get empty or even recharging their batteries. Buckshot is available in 18mg nicotine strength in American Ranger Flavor. They are priced reasonably at $9.95





Bull Smoke BatteryBull Smoke's battery features the world’s only modern mico-air flow sensor, designed specifically for vaping. Bull Smoke offers three different types of battery. Bull Smoke calls them The Stubby, The Original and The Kentucky. Choice in Batteries both Auto and Manual and are available in four different colors: White, Silver, Black and Yellow. So, you can opt for the one that suits your style and usage.


The Stubby is a micro 65mm Bull Smoke battery that is significantly smaller than the other options. When attached to a cartridge, its size is comparable to that of a traditional King Size cigarette.


The Original is a full-size 79mm standard Bull Smoke battery. It features a 4.2 volt long life and high power lithium-ion battery. This battery is the equilibrium between length and the logevity of the charge.


The Kentucky is an extra-long 110mm Bull Smoke battery. Rated at 380 mAh, it delivers an industry leading 320 puffs per charge. This represents 50% more charge capacity than a full-size battery.

Bull Smoke batteries are priced at $24.95 for any size, color or model. You can also buy 5 packs of battery for $99.95


Final Verdict:

Bull Smoke is my #3 recommended Electronic Cigarette for these reasons among so many others, offers an unbeatable 365-Day Money Back Guarantee and Warranty on all electronic components (basically everything other than refills) so if your battery dies you can get a FREE replacement and never have to worry! They also offer Bull Bucks Reward points for their customers which earns them 10% off on every purchase!

Bull Smoke great selection of battery colors are impressive. The company also provides a seemingly infinite amount of satisfying flavors. We appreciate that they offer five nicotine levels to help users step down their nicotine intake and eventually quit. While some Electronic Cigarette manufacturers market almost exclusively to the experienced e-cigs aficionado, Bull Smoke welcomes newbies to the world of vaping with highly fun and customizable kits like City Slickers and the Buckshot Disposable Electronic Cigarette to start with. The quality seems to be all there. The vapor amount is really good, and again for heavy smokers this is perfect.

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